What is the “essence” of Well Balanced Dog and what makes it unique?

Fun Nose Work, Treadmill Training, and Fitness. Goal is mental stimulation and physical movement for your dog in your HOME environment.
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Did you know that a dog’s job is to absorb 40% of negative human energy?

Well Balanced Dog helps you return this gift by helping you have better balance and a deeper connection to your canine friend(s).  How?

We offer Fun Nose Work, Treadmill Training, and K9 Physical Fitness.  Check out the rest of our site….

Treadmill Training


It has been said that “10 minutes of mental stimulation is like 30 minutes of physical exercise for a dog.”  Treadmill training is mental stimulation with the added benefit of physical movement.  This exercise happens in the comfort of your home.  Stay out of the heat.

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Dog Gym


Catherine is excited about the many ways FitPAWS® products improve fitness and joint health, promote good form, focus attention and boost your dog’s confidence all while having fun.

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Fun Nose Work


Do you enjoy doing things with your dog?  Nose Work was inspired for pets by the model of working bomb and drug detection dogs.  Dogs tap into their innate to follow a scent.  No skills are needed on part of the dog or owner.  Join the fun!

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