Nose Work was suggested to me by our obedience instructor. We moved to Kenosha and heard about Well Balanced Dog and for more than 6 months now we have been working with Catherine. She is insightful, caring and professional. She has a gift for communicating to her clients, even when she has to redirect us or coach us. We have enjoyed the wonderful experience of Nose Work and working with Catherine! Thanks Catherine!

– Jordan in Kenosha, WI


The Nose work training that Catherine introduced to my 8 month old Great Dane was invaluable! Giving him an outlet to expend his energy, as well as training him to use his instincts was so satisfying for him! It was also such a fun experience for my family to be able to engage in learning play with him, while watching him use his problem solving skills at the same time. I would (and have) recommended this training to ALL dog lovers!!

– Amy in Mount Pleasant, WI


I had gotten Catherine’s number through a friend. I had called my daughter to see if she was interested because she has an German Shepherd and a Pit-bull mix. As it turned out, I was willing to have her train my 9 yr old Yorkie also. From the time I met Catherine I noticed how passionate she is with dogs and training us humans. I didn’t know anything about nose work training. However, she led us know step by step of how it works. After the first lesson my Yorkie could not wait until it was his turn. When his lesson was done it was lights out for him…what a tired pup. I’ve had my dog in basic behavioral skills as a pup and I don’t recall him having so much fun! If you looking for good person and trainer, Catherine is the person. She knows what she’s doing and she’s passionate about it. She is hands down the best!

– Roseann in Racine, WI



Catherine has been an excellent trainer. She is so passionate not only about her job but about dogs. I never thought that my pit/American bulldog would do so well at nose work. Quinn loves training so much and she is so exhausted after a fun night with Catherine. If your looking to exercise your dog or get them involved in nose work I highly recommend training with Catherine.

– Donna in Burlington, WI


Just the little bit of work we have done with you has changed our lives and Kota’s.
Being more aware of when Kota is “in odor” and how instinctual it is for her to follow and how much joy it brings her, we have been allowing her much more sniffing during our daily walks, instead of impatiently dragging her along.
Also, we took her to a dog park on Saturday were she could run free and she spent the hour sniffing and following scents….so now I don’t feel so guilty that she has to be on leash all the time. I know it is a preference for her to use her nose over running free.
Thank you! You have not only enhanced her life, and ours, you have enhanced our relationship and bond with her!

– Sue in Oconomowoc, WI


Ami ran his first scent work trial. Two for two on novice containers. Second place and for 2 for 2 on exteriors. I would like to thank our instructor Catherine – great instructing = great results.

– Lori in Kenosha, WI