Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) techniques support the animal’s energetic body so the physical body and mental strength can maintain the health and wellness they deserve.  Distance or remotes sessions available to clear, balance and stabilize your animal’s energy system.

Benefits of Healing Touch for Animals® 

  • Recover from injury and illness
  • Ease emotional trauma and abuse issues
  • Achieve quality of life with chronic illness or disease
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Clarify appropriate behavior
  • Relieve pain
  • Develop a greater animal-human bond
  • Support overall health and wellness

Certified Practitioner

“From the time I met you @ O & H Bakery I knew you had this aura around  you  that was so filled with kindness with animals and people. Your passion about animals was unbelievable. You were willing to train my little buddie Wisco in Nose Work. I didn’t realize how much of a connection that this kind of work plays in an animals life and you didn’t stop there. The next time I saw you Wisco had gotten sick with health issues. With no hesitation you came to the rescue once again with HTA healing. I was amazed at his reaction with this. He just sat there so calmly and watch you in a trance like state. Once you had finish and left he was calm the rest of the night.The days following that, he started to be his old self, day by day he was feeling better and better. I wasn’t really expecting you to heal him because there isn’t  anything to do about his kidneys failing. He Is 14 years old and things are going to happen just like humans. However, you have made a difference and I can’t Thank You enough for the difference you have done for him and myself. I know you have help many others besides the both of us and I know you will continue your care and Love for animals and do them with the utmost love and compassion that I’ve seen. 

I’m sure in any adventure your heart & mind takes you to, will bring you joy to animals and people.  

Thank You Again For Everything”

Roseann and Wisco

Well Balanced Dog….and now Well Balanced Horses….