NOSEWORK: To The Dog’s World and Back – A Workbook for Humans and Their Canine

My book “Nosework: To the Dog’s World and Back – A Workbook for Humans and Their Canines” is printed & is ready for you to read and contemplate!

This journey through life is just that….it’s about movement into being, being who you are at a higher level. The outside world is a great tool to look at your beliefs/perceptions because the inner world is reflected in the outer world. Try taking a look into your world through the team activity of nosework. Not only will you strengthen your relationship with your dog, but it an opportunity for self reflection and growth.

I have taken the game of nosework one step further because in the bigger sense of the cosmos, a dog’s job is to absorb 40% of negative human energy. What an overwhelming thought for a dog lover! What to do? One huge factor that will help with the care of our companion dog(s) is our own self-care. If we take care of ourselves, there is less for our dog to absorb.

As you learn the nosework game, let each chapter’s reflection serve as you contemplate your life. To give you a glimpse of the book, here are the chapter titles:

Chapter 1 – Pathway to Fun & Growth; Chapter 2 – Commitment, Intention, and the Power of a Word; Chapter 3 – Life is Developmental; Chapter 4 – Go Where You Are Led; Chapter 5 – Play & “Being” on Vacation; Chapter 6 – A Mission Inspired Life; Chapter 7 – Life Is in the Thoughtful Details; Chapter 8 – Goals: Thought Directs Energy; and Chapter 9 – Transition & Expansion.

Here is a paragraph from the book, “While your dog is exploring, take the time to notice.  Yes, notice your dog’s body language and single point focus.  Then, notice yourself and how you are while you are playing the game.  In today’s world, life often becomes a to-do list, and the mind is busy with the next thing.  Our society reels us outside of ourselves.  There is a constant tug by media to force or convince that one way is better than another and that “being” is doing.  Rather, quite the opposite is true.  The richness of life and humanity is wholeness, stillness, and being in the moment.  It is being in the moment that we can tap into all that is and, in this case, being present and learning about life from our dog.  Let this game be an opportunity to be in stillness and observe.  There is no one way to do this game.  As with life, there are choices, and if things don’t go so well the first time, have no worries.  Just set the environment up differently for your dog and try it again.  Patience and kindness to yourself and your dog go a long way.  So go easy and be in the moment.”

Have some fun and take another step in your world of awareness.

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Book Review: “I’ve never read a book about dog training that challenged me to search myself to better the relationship with my treasured companion; I loved your book, “Nosework; To the Dog’s World and Back!” I’m so grateful for your ability to articulate your various learnings and life experiences towards the integration of spirits between dog and owner. Ella Anne and I are better off because of what you have imparted to us through your experience and conceptual framework for dogs and friends – which you call “humans and canine.” Thank you; forever grateful! -Karen”

Book Review – As a veterinarian with a strong interest in animal behavior, I enjoyed reading “Nosework: To the Dog’s World and Back.”  Dogs need a job and to have connection with their caregiver.  The book was easy to understand on what steps to do to learn the game of nosework.  The surprise was the gentle nudge that got me thinking what humans need to do to support their growth for their own sake as well as the dog(s) in their life.  Power packed with information and reflections.  Thanks Catherine! – Dr. Susan