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Did you know that a dog’s job is to absorb 40% of negative human energy?  Well Balanced Dog helps you return this gift by helping you have better balance and a deeper connection to your canine friend(s).

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Jingle created by Gary Ricchio, GTR Entertainment, & Catherine Gryniewicz.  Thanks Gary!

Core Values for Well Balanced Dog

  • Freedom to Discover – Recognize innate gifts and have AH-HA moments.
  • Balance in Life – BE physically, emotionally, mental, socially and spiritually alive in the moment.
  • Deepen the Human-Dog Connection.

Treadmill Training & Fitness


It has been said that “10 minutes of mental stimulation is like 30 minutes of physical exercise for a dog.”  Treadmill training is mental stimulation with the added benefit of physical movement.  This exercise happens in the comfort of your home.

FitPAWS® products improve fitness and joint health, promote good form, focus attention and boost your dog’s confidence all while having fun.

K9 Nose Work®


K9 Nose Work® is a NEW dog’s sport!

This exciting activity for dogs is designed to develop their natural scenting abilities by using their curiosity, desire to hunt, and their love of toys/food. K9 Nose Work® teaches a dog to use their nose to find a specific scent and then tell you they’ve found it. It’s like watching a police dog work, but it’s you and YOUR dog having the fun together!

Any dog can do it! It helps build confidence and dogs love to solve problems – all this while burning lots of mental and physical energy. Get your dog involved!

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