After reading “Dogs Watch Us Carefully and Read Our Faces Very Well” by Marc Bekoff, PhD contemplate:

Friends are constantly sharing, “Do you know that your dogs are constantly watching you?  No really, all the time even if you are in the house and they are outside.  They are tracking your energy.”  My response has been, “Yes, I am their job”  and I continued serving ice tea and pass them the chips.  However, hearing this same theme four different times from people the past month, I have become more aware and conscious on what my dogs see in relation to me. 

After being sick for 4 days, I noticed Whisper, my 4 year old German Shepherd, runs into the house at every sneeze.  He had had a busy 4 days!  Feather, my 8 year old black German Shepherd, can be in the kitchen at the backdoor and I can roll irregularly in bed in the morning and she is up on the bed giving me a Good Morning kiss.  Yet, I think it is more than the movements as the article talked about….they are aware of my moods.  Feather nuzzles her way to my face and gently kisses my tears after an upsetting situation.  Whisper comes over to me when I am laughing from a tv program or from a book and his wonderful shepherd nose can flip my phone across the room when he is fed up with me being on this black box too much!  Yes, we co-exist and I allow them to respond to me in my environment.  Tell me, Feather and Whisper, what else do you have to tell me?

My thought then became focused on what my dogs see in me.  AND how can I take this free information, that is given unconditionally, and learn more about myself – for myself and about what all these cameras at intersections, grocery aisles, and cellphones see?  When left on you, hey?  Yes, the world is watching AND it is my business and yes, I care about how I am in the world.  What does your dog tell you about you?