A dog’s job is to absorb 40% of negative human energy. That is a big job! Think of what we as human’s carry with us in this challenging world of 2019….social upheaval, emotional challenges, technology advances, etc. The fast pace of life affects us physically, alters our moods, and challenges our professional and personal relationships. Our human companions have deep awareness and can be our best mirror to shift our life for our self and them.

Well Balanced Dog unpacks the soft skills used in K9 Nose Work®, with your dog as your teacher, to help you look at your life as a whole and choose a different response to life. Workshops offered:

The Big Picture
Explore the soft skills incorporated in K9 Nose Work® – Connection, Confidence, Focus, Fun, Strategy, Trust, Body Language, and aspect affects how you are with your dog and your world.

Connected to All of Life
Your connection with all of life stems with how you are with yourself.  This relationship impacts agility trials, nose work, standing in line at the grocery store, family, and work.  Take some time to explore this foundation in life.

Confidence comes with knowing who you are and putting your best foot forward. Our dogs do this all the time because they are just themselves without judgement.

Thought directs energy. How to dream your world into being with one point focus and ignore that voice that says “Squirrel!”

The essence of life is to be on vacation. How to be on vacation 24/7 and live a dog’s life.

What do I want today, next week, and in 3 years? How to be present in the moment and build bridges to what you want….that could be the next hide when doing nose work or your next job.

You hear it in nose work all the time, “Trust your dog.”  The essence of every good relationship is trust. This workshop examines 6 fundamental steps in building relationships.

Body Language
Dogs can’t talk, yet they understand humans.  So what are you really saying?

Well Balanced Dog helps you return your dog’s gifts to you by offering you tools to use in your life to better to bring balance and a deeper connection to you and your friend(s), both human and canine.