K9 Nose Work®

Do you like to watch your dog more than the television? Wonder what it is like to have a powerful nose?

Join us in our K9 Nose Work® classes and have FUN with your best friend!  K9 Nose Work® was inspired for pets by the model of detection dogs. Dogs tap into their innate natural ability to see with their nose and follow a scent to locate what is important to them.  There are several cool things about this game:

  1. No previous skills are needed on the part of the dog or handler.
  2. Dogs of all ages (>3 months) and sizes welcome.
  3. Only 1 dog “works” at a time so shy or reactive dogs are welcome.

As a result of the game, your dog builds confidence, becomes more emotionally grounded, and burns lots of physical and mental energy!

In addition to having fun, this game helps you, the handler, develop your observation skills, self-awareness, & be in the moment.

What is involved?  Cardboard boxes and a high value treat or toy.  Cardboard boxes are a starting point to the exploration in familiar and unfamiliar places.  We start out simple and build from boxes to interiors, exteriors, ground hides, and vehicles.  Eventually the dog searches for birch, anise, and/or clove, cypress, and lemongrass. These essential oils are used in sport competition/trials. The National Association of Canine Scent Work, AKC, and UKC.

Classes in:
Introduction to K9 Nose Work®
Advanced K9 Nose Work®
Introduction to Odor (birch, anise, clove, cypress, and lemongrass)
Advanced K9 Nose Work® Drop in Classes

Classes all have the goal of fun and building the connection with your dog.  In addition, class goals may be: K9 Body Language, Leash Skills, Handler Movement, Reward the Drive to Odor & Reward at Source, The Odor Plume & Scent Cone, Converging Odor, Thresholds, Elevation, Fluidity, Observations Skills, Efficiency, and Strategy….

Group cost is $20/class/dog or private session is $25/session/dog. 

Pay as you go. Call (262) 676-2238 to set up a time.

Classes in Kenosha County, Racine County and the Milwaukee area. Group classes also held at Kenosha Kennel Club on Sundays afternoons.

If you have a few friends that want classes in S.E. Wisconsin call – willing to travel and share the fun.

Single workshops available to help handlers and dogs to learn the sport or refine their skills.

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Treadmill Training & Physical Fitness

banner2bIt has been said that “10 minutes of mental stimulation is like 30 minutes of physical exercise for a dog.” Why not have both mental stimulation and exercise! Have your dog trained to walk on a treadmill.

Walking or running on a treadmill offers mental focus with the added benefit of physical movement. Once your dog becomes comfortable on a treadmill, he/she will achieve a relaxing pace. The added benefit for you, the dog’s owner, is that this activity happens despite the Wisconsin Spring showers, Summer heat, or Winter blizzards.

FitPAWS® products provide a fun way to improve fitness and joint health, promote good form, focus attention and boost confidence.

Balance is needed in each facet of our lives. Benefit yourself and your dog by “engaging” in something new.